Apps Programming Workshops at Escola Almirante Carvalhal

More than 50 elementary school students from Almirante Carvalhal Elementary School have had the opportunity to participate in an app programming workshop. As part of the Young Tutors 2018 project activities, mobile application programming workshops for elementary school students are being applied at Almirante Carvalhal Elementary School  by Young Tutors in conjunction with Volunteer Mentors, […]

Young Tutors receive training on app development

The students of the 2018 Youth Programming Tutors project are being trained for app development at the Escola Básica Almirante Carvalhal . During this hands-on training, Young Tutors learn about the process of developing apps with App Inventor, software engineering practices, Design Thinking and UI design, and apply these concepts directly developing their own apps in order to […]

Training of Young Tutors Volunteer Mentors

Volunteer Mentors and Young Tutors of the Young Programming Tutors 2018 edition were received by the Computação na Escola Team in the Department of Informatics and Statistics/CTC/UFSC for an afternoon of training and integration. This is one of the first steps in the training of Young Tutors to support and disseminate computer learning in the […]

Young Tutors 2018 Started!

The 2018 edition of the Young Programming Tutors project is starting with great excitement! One of the first events of the project was the visit of the Young Tutors, students of the Almirante Carvalhal Primary School, to the sponsoring company  Involves Tecnologia e Inovação. During this visit, the Young Tutors got to know a bit […]